Name: Nick
Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Registration: Full FCI (AKC is possible)
Date of birth: February, 2018
Height, weight:  
Health: HD, ED, SA ok
all teeth, scissors bite, 2 testicles
Price: 3300 USD

Young promising male suitable for sport, police services and personal protection. He has nice prey drive and food drive. Although he is really self-confident and naturally guarding his family and house, he is easy to handle and he never turn on his handler. His head is clear. Nick lives in a pack of 3 german shepherd male, he is the head of the group.

Nick was pre-trained in all of 3 part in IPO. He has big interest of tracking (his food drive helps a lot). During obedience he can go at leg with another dog, come (also in the city), sit, lay. In protection he bites on sleeve, few days ago we try him also on ring suit- without any problems as well as with dark rooms and slippery floors. 

His pedigree includes pure working Czech and German working blood (z Pohranicni straze, z Jirkova dvora, od Policie CS, Mohnwiese,...). He is bred on 4-4 Tom vant Leefdaalhof. He has really dark colour and excellent pigment. Nick is one of the huge dog, his body is bigboned.

Video: protection, 9 months old, first taste of ring suit